NetBSD Documentation

This site provides links to the official NetBSD documentation and also links to various external documents. It's impossible to list every single article or tutorial about NetBSD, but please contact us if you think that a resource should be added.


Manual Pages

The manual pages describe the system commands, functions and drivers - the most important documentation for users.


Basic NetBSD questions

A collection of basic questions about NetBSD

  • User configuration
  • General questions about NetBSD
  • Common (and less common) problems
  • Other questions

Emulation and Virtualization


Printing and Scanning

  • See this section for help with various printing tasks or for setting up a scanner. Scanners are not supported by the NetBSD base system. It is necessary to install and configure additional software.


Software and pkgsrc

X Window System

  • X Window or X11 is the graphical display system used on NetBSD. Depending on your platform, either the X.Org or XFree86 implementation is the default on NetBSD, and X.Org can always be used from pkgsrc as an alternative. This HOWTO about X11 helps with specific configuration issues.

External Resources

Tutorials, articles and books